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Tombo Folk Blues G Mundharmonika


Tombo Folk Blues G Mundharmonika



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123722 / TOMBO-1610F-G

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Tombo Folk Blues G Mundharmonika

Tombo Folk Blues G

The Tombo folk blues is a ‘Richter’ tuned diatonic. It has 0.9mm thick reed plates, fixed to a black ABS body (comb) with 5 bolts for secure airtightness. It has stainless steel cover plates and is designed to give maximum volume with a clear and hard tone. An excellent choice for Rhythm & Blues, Rock and folk.

• Folk Blues (1610)
• Major Diatonic
• Plastic Comb
• Tone: High G
• Suitable for any player who wants to play Rock'n Roll and R&B
• Folk Blues has a clear and hard tone

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