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TC electronic Sentry Noise Gate Gitarreneffekt


TC electronic Sentry Noise Gate Gitarreneffekt


TC Electronic

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161472 / TC-SNG

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Andrzej Pindelski, tel. +49 32221097303,
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TC electronic Sentry Noise Gate Gitarreneffekt

TC electronic Sentry Noise Gate

Sentry Noise Gate is your gateway to a noise-free and fully dynamic performance. Its cutting-edge multiband technology is set to cater to all of your hum and buzz-killing needs and with its highly intuitive design, you'll be dialing out that unwanted noise faster than an Yngwie Malmsteen arpeggio lick. Take control and enjoy the silence!


• State-of-the-art Multiband Noise Gate
• Hard-Gate mode for instant noise removal
• TonePrint - for a world of signature and customizable effects
• Send/Return Loop
• True Bypass
• Compact design
• 9V/100mA
• High quality components
• Road-ready construction

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