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Planet Waves 50C02 Gitarrengurt


Planet Waves 50C02 Gitarrengurt


Planet Waves

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116978 / PW-50C02

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Planet Waves 50C02  Gitarrengurt

Planet Waves 50C02 CHECK MATE

In 1998, Planet Waves was acquired by D'Addario & Co. and joined D'Addario Family's world-renowned line of musical instrument accessory brands. Preserving the origin of the Planet Waves line, D'Addario has taken straps to a new level, allowing musicians to not only express themselves with their music but also with their straps. With the addition of new designs, materials and innovations like the patented Planet Lock, Planet Waves simplifies while providing style. Planet Lock is designed to fit securely on your guitar's existing end pins, eliminating the need to change the hardware on your guitar. 50C02 woven strap provides maximum comfort of playing for even the most discerning player.

• Guitar strap
• Design: Check Mate
• Material: nylon
• Adjustable from 88,9cm to 151 cm long
• Width: 4,5cm

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