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Stim G02 Ständer für E-/Bassgitarren


Stim G02 Ständer für E-/Bassgitarren



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Stim G02 Ständer für E-/Bassgitarren

Stim G-02 Electric Guitar / Bass Guitar Stand

Stim is one of the leading manufacturers of high quality on-stage stands, music stands, instrument stands, and other stage accessories. The company is specializing in producing guitar and keyboard stands, as well speaker stands, microphone stands and lightning stands. One of its main goals is to deliver new, innovative and more reliable on-stage solutions for musicians.

Foldable guitar stand for electric and bass guitars with tubing for neck support. Black finish.

• Height: 37cm
• Height (+tubing): 59cm
• Weight: 1,4 kg

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