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Aguilar SL212 bass cabinet 2x12 #8243; 500W/4Ohm


Aguilar SL212 bass cabinet 2x12 #8243; 500W/4Ohm



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188815 / AGL-SL212

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Aguilar SL212 bass cabinet 2x12 #8243; 500W/4Ohm

Aguilar SL212

Super lightweight cabinets with no compromise in tone, representing a new path to the world-class “Aguilar Sound”. Featuring neodymium drivers and custom crossovers, the SL series cabinets are an inspiring blend of modern technology with a classic vibe.
The SL 212 offers an unprecedented balance of performance and weight. At only 45 lbs. (20.41 kg), this 4 ohm cabinet handles 500 watts RMS. With a frequency response of 37 Hz–16 kHz, the SL 212 provides the deep lows, articulate midrange and smooth treble for which Aguilar is known.


• Power Handling: 500 watts RMS
• Frequency Response: 37 Hz – 16 kHz
• Sensitivity: 102.9 dB 1W 1M
• Phenolic tweeter with integral phase plug
• Custom crossover with variable tweeter control
• Impedance: 4 ohms
• Dimensions: 72.7cm x 48.3cm x 45.7cm
• Weight: 20.4kg
• Optional Padded Cover

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