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Fender Pure Vintage ′64 Jazz Bass


Fender Pure Vintage ′64 Jazz Bass



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Fender Pure Vintage ′64 Jazz Bass

Fender Pure Vintage ′64 Jazz Bass

When it comes to achieving a classic original-era Jazz Bass voice, Fender's Pure Vintage ’64 Jazz Bass pickups are as close as you're going to get. These vintage-style pickups produce warm, clear and articulate tone, with great low-end definition, up-front midrange punch and singing high end.

Tonal Characteristics:

• Formvar-coated magnet wire improves overall brightness
• Alnico 5 magnets add more focus and enhanced dynamics
• Flush-mount polepieces produce even string response
• Shellac-potted

Output Rating (Bass/Mid/Treble):

• Neck: 7/4/6
• Bridge: 5/7/7

Other Specifications:

• DC Resistance:
- Neck: 7.0k ohms
- Bridge: 7.0k ohms

• Inductance:
- Neck: 2.5 henries
- Bridge: 2.5 henries

Included Components:

• Fender Pure Vintage ’64 Jazz Bass pickups come with all parts needed for installation, including:
- Mounting screws
- Pickup height adjustment tubing
- Wiring diagram

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