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Ernie Ball 4113


Ernie Ball 4113


Ernie Ball

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217118 / EB-4113

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Ernie Ball 4113

Ernie Ball 4113 Cradle Tune

he Ernie Ball CradleTune is a portable clip-on tuner and tripod neck cradle suitable for guitar, bass, and other stringed instruments. Featuring an oversized 2" LCD screen, the CradleTune provides a large, vibrant display that is easy to read from any angle. This is complemented by the tuner's dual-axis 360 degree pivot arm for complete flexibility to position the display to your liking. The CradleTune also features Chromatic, Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, and Violin tuning modes as well as selectable clip and microphone sensors. guitars, ukuleles, and more. The tuner can also be quickly detached from the tripod for use as a clip-on practice tuner. The tripod folds up for a compact, durable design that easily fits into a gig bag or instrument case.


• Clip tuner and tripod with a retaining clip for the headstock of guitar, bass and other string instruments
• 2" Large and bright LCD display
• 360° Rotatable, two-axis articulated arm
• Microphone or clip sensor selectable
• Tuner removable from the tripod
• Compactly foldable for transport in gigbag and instrument case

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