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K&M 14085-019-55 piano bench


K&M 14085-019-55 piano bench



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197753 / KM-14085-019-55

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K&M 14085-019-55 piano bench

K&M 14085-019-55

Its compact steel tubing construction and large round foot end caps make this attractive bench significantly more stable. Excellent sitting comfort is achieved by an attractive skai leather seat covering for enjoyable and relaxed keyboard playing. The two sided spring-loaded locking screws make precision height adjustment easy. There is an engraved height scale to find your personal setting with ease. The bench complements keyboard tables 18810/18820.


• Height: from 430 to 650 mm
• Height adjustment: spring-loaded clamping knob
• Material: steel
• Seat: imitation leather covering, size 660 x 330 mm
• Special features: with engraved height scale
• Type: black imitation leather
• Weight: 9.5 kg

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