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Art P16 Patchfeld


Art P16 Patchfeld



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153229 / ART-P16

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Art P16 Patchfeld

Art P16

The ART P16 Sixteen Channel XLR Balanced Patch Bay is a deceptively simple, yet surprisingly
useful addition to any serious collection of audio equipment. A patch bay organizes your cables and
provides a convenient, easily accessible central location to make all of your audio connections. It also
saves wear and tear on the connectors of your audio equipment because all connections are now
made and changed at your patch bay. Application settings include use in professional or home
recording studios, installed audio including PA, AV and home theater, and live sound.

• Sixteen channels of balanced direct signals
• High quality passive interface
• XLR connectors (female on front, male on rear)
• All connections made via reliable PCB wiring
• 19" 1U-high rack mount with rugged, fully shielded black all-steel enclosure
• Reversible rack ears for added system flexibility

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