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Yamaha VXS 5 Lautsprecher


Yamaha VXS 5 Lautsprecher



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151942 / Y-VXS-5

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Yamaha VXS 5 Lautsprecher

Yamaha VXS5

Yamaha designed the new VXC and VXS speakers to accommodate a growing list of applications in the installation market. While these speakers deliver quintessential Yamaha sound quality, they have also been carefully designed for safe and easy installation. Featuring both ceiling and surface mount options, these speaker series include a comprehensive range of models that are available in either black or white, or can be painted to match the interior of any application.


• Speaker Type: bass-reflex
• Frequency range: 62Hz-20kHz
• Crossover 3 kHz
• Power: 75W
• PGM: 150W
• Impedance: 8 Ohm
• Peak: 114dB
• Shape: rectangular
• Housing material: ABS
• Color finish: black
• Waterproof
• Connectors: 1x Euroblock (inputs +/- Loop thru +/-), 1x ceramic terminal block (input +/- grounding)
• Dimensions: 176x280x163 mm
• Weight: 3.6 kg

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