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B-Tech BT8421B


B-Tech BT8421B



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126232 / BT-BT8421B

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B-Tech BT8421B

B-Tech BT8421B

The BT8421 has been designed for screens up to 37” (94cm) and up to 35kg (77lbs) in weight. It is suitable for screens with VESA and non-VESA fixings with universal screen mounting kit including M4, M5, M6 & M8 screws, and its low profile design mounts the screen only 30mm (1.2”) from the wall. There is a locking bar included for secure installation, and this mount is suitable for concrete/brick or up to 16” stud walls, featuring the ‘OWLS’ On Wall Levelling System. An added bonus is the simple ‘hook-on’ installation with all mounting hardware included.

• The distance of the screen from the wall: 30mm
• Suitable for mounting on walls of concrete / brick and gypsum boards of 406mm distance profiles
• Safety lock
• Simple installation - all keys and screws included
• TV Screen of 22 "- 37"
• Colour: black

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