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APS Klasik 2020 two-way speaker, pair


APS Klasik 2020 two-way speaker, pair



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APS Klasik 2020 two-way speaker, pair

APS Klasik 2020

Klasik’s history began in early 2015 when we presented active studio monitor called Klasik, which quickly began to appear in recording studios and home recording systems around the world, setting quality standards for near-field monitors available at a reasonable price.
Klasik became the basic working tool for a huge group of sound engineers, who shared their experience and insights into the product with us.
APS decided to use the gathered knowledge and after five years of Klasik’s presence in they offer it was time for a change. For 12 months they worked on its new, improved version – Klasik 2020. The result of cooperation with users is very satisfactory. APS have developed active studio monitor which is a development of the concept contained in the Klasik – uncompromising sound quality available at a reasonable price.


• Monitor Field: Near
• Type: Active - two power amplifiers - A/B
• System: Two-Way
• Crossover Frequency: 3.2kHz
• Dimensions (with heatsink*): Height ́ Width ́ Depth 36 cm ́ 21 cm ́ 32 cm 14.2'' ́ 8.3'' ́ 12.6'
• Free Field Frequency Response: ± 2 dB: 39 Hz ̧ 25 kHz
• SPLmax in free field (@ 1m): RMS: 105dB (single) Peak: 113.5dB (pair)
• Weight (single): 12kg
• Bass/Mid-Range Loudspeaker or Bass Loudspeaker: 18cm (7"). Diaphragm: Cellulose. Surround: Rubber.
• Tweeter Loudspeaker: 1.9cm (3/4") double magnet. Aluminium dome, surround: soft.
• Bass/Mid-Range Power Amplifier or Bass Power Amplifier: 100 W RMS @ 8 Ohms
• Tweeter Power Amplifier: 100 W RMS @ 8 Ohms
• THD: 0.005 % @ 5 W, 1 kHz; 0.1 % max @ 0.1up to 50 W, 20 Hz up to 20 kHz
• Input Voltage Level: 0 dBu (i.e. 0.775 V) - calibrated regulatorsin 0dB positions - for 96 dB SPL in FreeField @ 1m
• Input Sensitivity Switch or Switches: -10.5dB, -9dB, -7.5dB, -6dB, -4.5dB, -3dB,-1.5dB, 0dB
• Tweeter Loudspeaker Level Switch or Phase Switch: -1.5dB, 0dB, 1.5dB
• Bass Controller Switch or Drivers Switch (Trinity) or Unfiltered Switch(Subs): Bass: Active - switch 1&3, Passive - switch2 – refer to USER’S MANUAL
• Ground-Lift Switch: Ground Lift: ON / OFF
• Input: XLR symmetrical (balanced), RCA asymmetrical (unbalanced). Input impedance 10 kOhms.
• Power Amplifiers Protections: Pop-free start & stop control, thermal,short circuit and overload protections
• Clipping: LED
• Prevention from Interferences and Hums: GROUND LIFT switch
• Power Switching on signal: Lit up logo - Blue LED
• Bass/midwoofer protecttion on: Lit up logo - Red LED

Woofer7 "
Verstärkerleistung (RMS)200 W
Maximaler Schalldruck113 dB
Frequenzbereich von39 Hz
Frequenzbereich bis25 kHz
Manuelle FrequenzkorrekturJa
Analoger XLR-EingangJa
Analoger BuchseingangNein
Analoger Cinch-EingangJa
Gewicht10 Kilogramm
Maße360 x 210 x 320 mm
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