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Cameo MULTI FX BAR EZ light effect


Cameo MULTI FX BAR EZ light effect



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Cameo MULTI FX BAR EZ light effect


Featuring 3 amazing pre-mounted fixtures, the Cameo Multi FX Bar EZ is the favorable all-in-one solution for mobile DJs, entertainers and bands to spice up their performance with terrific lighting. Producing colourful illumination, magnificent rotating beams and stunning slow-motion effects, the system sports a quartet of PAR spot lights, two LED Derby lights and four strobe LEDs that are built into the bar.

With the integrated pole mount, set-up is quick and straightforward instant use. The Multi FX Bar EZ provides a variety of control options via seven DMX modes, the 4-button menu display and wireless footswitch or handheld infrared remote which are both included with the lighting system. The 7-channel DMX mode allows you to quickly create your own chases. A selection of fantastic built-in programs for automatic operation and sound activation produces mesmerizing light shows combining all three effects or using the spot lights only.

The Cameo Multi FX Bar EZ comes with a rugged transport bag for convenient transport and allows easy daisy-chaining to create larger lighting systems. It also features a mounting provision for an additional fixture.


• All-in-one lighting system with 3 intense effects including 4 brilliant LED spot lights, 2 rotating LED derbies and 4 strobe LEDs
• Pre-mounted to a bar with pole insert for instant set-up and use
• Includes a convenient transport bag, wireless footswitch, infrared remote control and truss mounting brackets
• Built-in programs for mesmerizing light shows
• Multiple control options including DMX, infrared remote or wireless footswitch plus automatic operation and sound activation
• Innovative auto program control with foreground and background colours and pattern selection
• 7-ch DMX mode for quick chase creation
• All effects usable individually, e.g. spot lights only, and in combinations
• 4 PAR spot lights with 12 high-performance 12W RGBWA+UV LEDs
• 2 derby effects with 6 powerful 3W RGB LEDs
• Strobe effect with 4 white 1W LEDs
• Mounting provision for 1 additional fixture


• 4 LED spots (12x 12W RGBWA+UV LEDs)
• 2 LED-Derbys (6x 3W RGB LEDs)
• 4 Strobe LEDs (4x 1W LEDs)
• With pre-mounted tripod mount
• Control options via DMX, infrared remote control or wireless foot switch plus automatic mode and sound activation
• Dimensions (W x H x D): 1149 x 414 x 80 mm
• Weight: 6.6 kg
• Includes carrying bag, angles for truss mounting, infrared remote control and wireless foot-switch

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