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Prodipe Pro 8 V3


Prodipe Pro 8 V3



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Prodipe Pro 8 V3

Prodipe Pro 8 V3

Check out the Prodipe combined speaker system. If you connect the PRO 10S V3 subwoofer to the Prodipe Pro8 V3 monitors, the combined system will give you studio listening at a remarkably low price.


• The woofer cones are now in fibreglass. Using fibreglass in all our speaker systems means that we have been able to increase performance and dynamism, the frequency response is more linear and the quality of the listening is wonderfully natural.
• The neodymium dome tweeters create a sound which is absolutely solid and supremely clear, even above 20KHz. This ensures that the quality of the music is exemplary.
• The transducer magnets are shielded by anodised steel covers.
• The active filtering has been completely overhauled to ensure that the crossover frequency doesn't suffer from any accidents or bumps.
• The casing is made of high density wood to give the sound a high level of consistency and to eliminate any unwanted vibration.
• Unlike many of the other manufacturers, we made the decision to put the bass reflex port at the front of the monitors to improve the decompression on the bass response.This makes it much easier to find the best position for each speaker.
• There are ample connectors for an all-round use: XLR/TRS 6.35 Jack for a balanced connection, and Cinch (RCA) for an unbalanced connection.
• A compact, elegant design with a well-finished exterior.


• Power: 35 + 90 W RMS
• Bi-amplified
• Speaker assembly: 8 "woofer, 1" tweeter
• Frequency range: 50 - 22000 Hz
• Input: XLR (3-pin), RCA and 6.3 mm jack
• Impedance: 3.6 ohms (DC)
• Dimensions (H x W x D): 380 x 260 x 300 mm
• Weight: 13 kg
• Price per piece

Woofer8 "
Verstärkerleistung (RMS)125 W
Frequenzbereich von50 Hz
Frequenzbereich bis22 kHz
Manuelle FrequenzkorrekturJa
Analoger XLR-EingangJa
Analoger BuchseingangJa
Analoger Cinch-EingangJa
Gewicht13 Kilogramm
Maße380 x 260 x 300 mm
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