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Monster Acoustic 12′ Gitarrenkabel


Monster Acoustic 12′ Gitarrenkabel



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Monster Acoustic 12′ Gitarrenkabel

Monster Acoustic 12′

As many Sales Engineers put it, your sound is only as good as your weakest cable. That's why many of us here at Sweetwater swear by Monster cables both in our studios and onstage. This Monster Acoustic Instrument Cable uses superior design and construction to provide you with the best possible sound for your acoustic-electric guitar. Monster's patented Time Correct windings reject interference, and their MicroFiber dielectric protects your guitar's transients and natural warmth. Duraflex protective jackets keep stress from ruining the solder joints, all but eliminating the risk of a bad cable ruining your night, and carbon-infused polymer shielding minimizes handling noise. This Monster Acoustic Instrument Cable is 12' long and features two straight 1/4" 24k gold connectors.

• Purpose-built guitar cables designed to get the best sound from your acoustic
• Multiple gauge high and low frequency wire networks deliver accurate imaging
• Time Correct windings provide precise sound reproduction
• Custom Monster connectors with 24k gold contacts offer ideal resistance
• Duraflex protective jacket blocks out show-stopping interference
• Carbon-infused polymer shielding minimizes handling noise
• Length: 3.65m. (12ft.)

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