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Adam Hall 85100


Adam Hall 85100


Adam Hall

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152177 / AHALL-85100

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Adam Hall 85100

Adam Hall 85100 Defender Compact
Adam Hall Defender Compact is an inexpensive version of the Defender III system. The arrangement of supports molded into the bottom permits the Defender Compact to be laid over a run of cables, supporting the weight of crossing vehicles. The Defender Compact features polyurethane construction with ribbed non-slip surface. Like all of the Defender series crossovers, the Defender Compact is resistant to oils, acids, and petrol, and has a patented self-cleaning hinged closure.

• Length: 800 mm
• Width: 430 mm
• Height: 40 mm
• Channels: 7
• Width (Channels): 30 mm
• Height (Channels): 30 mm
• Color: black

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