4Audio MIC2022 Orange Mikrofonkabel


4Audio MIC2022 Orange Mikrofonkabel
  • 4Audio MIC2022 Orange Mikrofonkabel
  • 4Audio MIC2022 Orange Mikrofonkabel
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Andere Produktbezeichnungen:4Audio MIC2022 Orange microphone cable, 4Audio MIC-2022-ORANGE, 4Audio MIC 2022 ORANGE, 4Audio MIC2022ORANGE, MIC-2022-ORANGE, MIC 2022 ORANGE, MIC2022ORANGE
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4Audio MIC2022

4Audio MIC2022 Orange

4Audio cables are made of high quality components. Each cable is treated individually, adjusted for the best solutions supported by a few years of testing and numerous projects in the field of audio installations. Each hand-made cable passes through a series of quality tests. The final product is a reliable speaker cable - workmanship standard well above requirements. PVC material cable jacket provides high flexibility and long lifetime of the cable.


• Conductor made of pure copper
• Construction: 2x0, 22mm
• Construction Conductor: 28x0, 10mm
• Impedance: <87.2 ohm / km
• Copper Filter
• Housing: PVC
• Temperature range: -25 to +70 degrees Celsius
• Color: orange