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Monster P600-I-21 Instrumentkabel


Monster P600-I-21 Instrumentkabel



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154344 / MONST-P600-I-21

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Monster P600-I-21 Instrumentkabel

Monster Performer 600 I 21

Monster is now the world's leading manufacturer of high performance instrumental cables for home and professional use. Monster Cable is an indispensable component for music lovers and musicians. Monster's instrumental cables increase the clarity, dynamics and power of the audio signals that travel through them. The Performer 600 cable guarantees a quality signal between your head and cabinet. Performer 600 Speaker Cable is high-performance pro audio cable that uses Time Correct Windings and advanced cable construction to deliver an accurate signal with deeper bass and wider dynamic range for amp head/speaker combinations. Increased conductor area of P600-I-21 increases power transfer, and twisted-pair construction eliminates hum.

• Instrumental cable
• Special Time Correct windings for more accurate music reproduction.
• Magnetic Flux Tube for natural sound
• Extra-flexible Duraflex outer jacket for superior reliability and cut resistance.
• Durable connector design featuring collet strain relief
• Length: 6,40 m
• 2x straight jack

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