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Presto Jazzicato Saiten für Kontrabässe


Presto Jazzicato Saiten für Kontrabässe



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Presto Jazzicato Saiten für Kontrabässe

Presto Jazzicato

PRESTO Strings – superior quality, great tone, long life. Made with latest technologies and of the finest materials. Presto strings combine more than seven decades of string making experience with latest production technologies. Presto strings are designed to fulfill highest claims of quality. Only the best raw materials are used for manufacturing.

Presto Jazzicato strings are a further development of the popular Presto Nylonwound string. They have a improved steel rope core and a black Nylon wrapping. Compared to the original Presto Nylonwound strings, the Jazzicato strings have a slightly smaller diameter. But they still have this smooth surface feel, which makes them different to other steel strings. This particular surface feel and the low tension make the Jazzicato strings very easy to play. The powerful, dark sound, the percussive punch and the unobtrusive sustain give the Jazzicato string their very own character – ideal for Jazz pizzicato, but also suited for Slap bass and Bluegrass.

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