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Laney IronHeart 120 Head Gitarrenverstärker


Laney IronHeart 120 Head Gitarrenverstärker



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152972 / LANEY-IRT120H

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Laney IronHeart 120 Head Gitarrenverstärker

Laney IronHeart 120 Head

Forged deep in the Black Country, the Ironheart series continues the legacy begun decades before with Laney amps such as KLIPP and AOR. Packed full of features, amazing tone and a thoroughly modern and aggressive look, the Ironheart models are extremely versatile modern amplifiers. Capable of masses of usable gain, these amplifiers are perfect for modern metal. Utilising 3 channels and built in pre boosts, they are also extremely versatile in any musical situation. Tones from crystal cleans to bluesy crunch, full on rock to molten modern lead sounds are available at the click of a switch. The IRT120H is a thoroughly modern looking valve head capable of some full on metal tones but it also offers much more than many other metal orientated amps on the market. Loaded with a quartet of premium hand selected TAD 6L6 loaded valves it generates 120 watts RMS of hot valve tone. Its feature packed pre amp is laid out logically and features 3 distinct channels – Clean, Rhythm and Lead. Each channel features passive 3 band EQ with push pull options for Deep, mid shift and treble shift which allows you to dial in the exact tone you are after. The master section features an overall Dynamics control which allows you to vary the interaction of the amplifier and the drivers, depending on the volume you are playing at, an overall Tone control, a Laney custom designed Digital Reverb plus a really useful WATTS feature which allows you to dial the output of the amplifier right back to a whisper without destroying your tone. This is a great feature and really useful for recording in your home studio or playing late into the night.


• Power: 120W
• Construction: Lamp
• Lamps: 4x ECC83 and 4 x 6L6
• Channels: clean, rhythm, lead
• Control: bass, mid, treble (EQ shift using potentiometers push-pull), presence, reverb
• Effects loop
• Output Column: 4, 8, 16 ohm
• Dimensions: 678 x 271 x 288 mm
• Weight: 20kg
• Footswitch included

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